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New Fort Worth Animal Ordinance Proposals

Just a heads up for all you pet lovers out there, the City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Directors are proposing new rules for pet owners and landlords.

All pets are required to be licensed, however only 2.6% of estimated pets were licensed in 2017.  The new proposal requires pets to be microchipped, or tattooed so that pet owners can be identified.  The cost is about $45 for a microchip, and possibly a fee to register for the owner database (3rd Party).

The Intact Pet Permit is currently $50.  However, if your intact pet is not permitted and it ends up impounded, the animal must be sterilized, with no exceptions for valuable show or performance dogs.  The new proposal will allow an owner of an impounded intact pet to obtain a $500 intact pet permit and prevent sterilization of valuable show or performance dogs.

In multifamily residential units, a landlord is required to verify the animals city license.  The new proposal requires landlords to verify microchip, rabies vaccination, and the intact pet permit status.

There is also new proposals for classification of Dangerous/Aggressive dogs.  Formerly, a dangerous dog included a dog that attacked domestic animals.  The new proposal mirrors state law in classifying a dangerous dog as limiting the attack to humans.  A new “Aggressive” dog ordinance is limited to a dog that attacks domestic animals.  This further mirrors state law and there is a new criminal violation for “known” Aggressive dog attacks.

This is not a complete list of the proposals.  For a complete list go to:

The City of Fort Worth is conducting feedback right now, and these proposals will go to the City Council later this month or early May.

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